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The debate last night was an interesting display of aggressive behavior by both candidates and a moderator who was clearly in the bag for Obama. Believe it or not, it was all I could do to sit and watch Obama start his political speak. He really does seem to pretend that he hasn’t been the President for the last 4 years. As if he really has some political goals that he “plans” to achieve “if” elected.

The things that drive me to drink while watching political pundits and campaigns are the outright disregard for the facts along with the talking points. On both sides it gets tedious to listen to particular rhetoric about topics that seemingly could be so easily dealt with if they both parties would stop the machine for a minute and just talk to us like we are intelligent adults who want to make an informed decision. For example, Romney gets caught up in things like Benghazi and that “Gotcha” moment. While I understand that, for some reason, the Obama administration did not want to admit that there was a terrorist attack in Libya and his administration was either shielding the truth or severely incompetent…most Americans understand it already. Perhaps it is because the media wants to coddle Obama for the most part. Maybe the Republicans feel that this is a blatant lie and they want to pound Obama on it and feel that it may one of the few issues in which they can clearly point to Obama’s true nature?  In any case, enough already! We want some meat not mouse milk. But Obama is the worse culprit of these ridiculous sound bite talking points. Who is he talking to…idiots? He keeps repeating over and over ad nauseum about how Romney just wants to help the ‘wealthy’ and that somehow ‘that’s what got us into this mess in the first place’. What kind of a pathetic meme is that? That’s right. The reason that America is in a great recession is because the Bush administration only cared about the wealthy and they only wanted to help the 1%. And for some reason Romney can’t combat this nonsense because his “political strategy” is to appear to have nothing in common with President Bush. This is just unbelievable. Why can’t Romney confront Obama about this class warfare with some truth, why won’t he? What about the housing bubble? The reason that America is in a recession is because of the housing bubble. Which arguable sits at the doorstep of decades worth of liberal policies. Also, Americans prospered significantly during the Bush years…apart from the housing bubble crash. What about the fact that Bush inherited a recession with the tech bubble crash along with 9/11 and beat it within a year by cutting taxes…for everyone? I submit if Bush had followed Obama’s strategy that we would have ended up in a great recession at that point and time in history. What about the fact that Reagan cut taxes significantly, on everyone, and broke the recession he inherited from Carter? What about the fact that Obama could take 100% of the money of, what he deems ‘wealthy people’, it doesn’t solve anything and history proves both scenarios. When has there ever been a point in the history of the world in which redistribution of wealth has ever grown an economy, let alone America? On top of that, why does Obama feel that he has the right to take someone else’s money?

In the end, the debate really boiled down to who got “a message” out there that can stick on the wall. Romney is strictly focusing on small business people. It’s not a bad strategy. I’d love to meet the small business owner who is saying, ‘Thank goodness that Obama is the President’. Romney did get the point across that he knows how to generate income apart from stealing from others. He did get the point across that he can manage money and a budget whereas Obama has proven quite the opposite. Romney also got the point across that Obama has a record…he really didn’t have much of a political record before he became President but he does now. Obama focused on class warfare. He demagogued redistribution of wealth and I do not think it worked. It harkens to the first campaign, “Hope and Change”. To this day I don’t think there is a definitive answer to what that phrase means. What are we hoping for and what are we changing? How far back does Obama want to go with his change? What exactly are we hoping for? $4 dollar a gallon gas, higher energy and food costs, lower wages, unemployment, food stamps, race bating, divisive language, departure from a space program, departure from a dominant military force, departure from oil on the dollar standard, departure from a triple A credit rating, class warfare, handing world power to China, nuclear Iran and an arms race in the Middle East with Russia sitting at the helm of enemies of America…you name it and Obama has changed it.

It would be a shame for America to continue the current path and though Romney may not come off as an inspiring figure he does strike me as someone who understand what a trillion dollars looks like and someone who knows how to manage it.

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