Logic Is Only the Beginning of Wisdom

If you listen to the show it is no secret that I am an unabashed apologist for Christ. This is not some learned behavior passed down from those who brain washed me from child birth. It was a decision. I was not raised in a Christian household. My family is made up of mostly agnostic Jews. If anything my family typifies the broken home, chaotic upbringing of financial uncertainty and very little family unity. We are a mess. Each family nucleus in our generational makeup is a group unto themselves. Selfish, uncaring about the future of our children’s futures. Obviously my mom is my mom. In fact she is my biggest fan. Which is what moms are supposed to be. And my grandmother was the last matriarch of our family. We never had a patriarch. As I’ve gotten older and reflect on these things, it is heartbreaking to consider. How much more could we have progressed if we held each other up? If we gave each other support and if our elders helped to shape and guide the young. If the elders passed down wisdom about life, money, making good decisions how much further would that have taken us in this life? To have these values instilled at a young age. To have these ideas shape a foundation from which we could grow and pass these things and more on to our children and our children’s children. At this point it is a pipe dream. Something I can only lament. Yet, going forward I can offer my children something different. I have become the patriarch of our family unit and extended family. And thus a new journey begins.

I say all of these things to offer context to how my logic formed and how my world view came into existence. I’ve learned everything the hard way; for the most part. As a young boy God came to me in all of this chaos and opened my eyes to His truth. You may say, ridiculous. You are probably thinking that I was just looking for something to fill a void. So be it. Whatever the case may be, I found solace. A foundation was built under me. Unshakable. This foundation allowed me to grow and prosper as a boy and as a man. It gave me courage and conviction. Sure, there were plenty of mistakes. And there were plenty of misinformed views that captured my imagination. There came a time in my early twenties in which everything I believed or knew to be true was challenged by my best friend. He too believed in Christ. But I’ll never forget this particular discussion we were having. The context of the discussion is irrelevant but the words are critical. I said, “My God would never do something like that” and he said – “Maybe your God is not the God of the Bible then”. I was enraged at first. How could he say something like this? He was off his rocker to be sure. All of the years we had gone to church together. All of the things that we were taught and here he is just tossing it down the drain? It didn’t make sense. But he did hand me a book. “The Sovereignty of God” by A.W. Pink. It changed me like nothing before. It truly taught me to question everything. And that was just the beginning. I had to know everything about church history. I had to understand my foundation, my faith. I needed context for my life. Why would God change me at such a young age and direct my heart toward Him? So I read. I read and I read. Not just the scriptures but the historical context of the entire faith of Christianity. The many great councils regarding Church affairs. Many of the great theologians throughout the ages. This path directed me toward reading about other faiths, philosophies, science and logic. Many of the great thinkers in the course of modern history were Christians. Justin Martyr, St. Augustine, Martin Luther, John Locke, C.S. Lewis etc… Just to name a very few. I had to know. I had to understand.

So on this journey I learned critical thinking. When everything you know is challenged it becomes paramount to find your footing. And I’ve been exposed to so many ideas. Abstract, scientific, philosophical and conspiracies. I’m willing to digest them all. There is no reason not to. I’ve discussed these ideas and more Ad Nauseam. These years also taught me how much I love debate, discussion and challenge. So there have been atheists galore. Theological debates. Political debates and so forth. In these discussions I’ve had to rely on my foundation. No matter what the topic may be, I am who I am. My foundation is what it is. It is a well informed foundation to be sure. And challenge is quite welcome. As it will either change my view or perfect it.

Now let’s talk about logic and how it applies to the history of the Universe. When discussing the idea of a Creator, inevitably there will be an atheist who will pop up and tell you what a fool you are to entertain the notion. Even though they have no real answers. They will claim that the only real answers will come from science and to consider anything else is an affront to reason. Apparently the use of logic is only logic if the atheist deems it to be so. However, my mind is not limited to the realm of flawed atheistic understanding in regard to logic. There are certain ideas that science actually informs in such a way that it allows logic to conclude ideas outside of science. Case in point. Science has given us the laws of nature in regard to physical law. We know that matter does not simply appear. Some posit that matter is never destroyed or created. However, there must be an outside force. Energy of some sort must exist to form matter or change matter. Otherwise the laws of nature are false.

The atheist will argue that because we do not know how, we cannot conclude anything. The Universe could have come from another Universe. Perhaps a rip in the fabric of a parallel Universe gave us the spark of energy necessary to explode our Universe into existence. Who knows, maybe there are aliens? Maybe they are the ones responsible for the energy required to create the Universe. I’m willing to accept the idea that we do not know and entertain any number of theories, scientific or otherwise. That is called, “open minded”. Science should continue to seek the answer using scientific law. But my logic concludes that no matter how far back we go. Hundreds of trillions of billions of years. At some point matter had to have appeared from nothingness. At some point there was something outside the realm of time and physical law. Whatever that is, it is not subject to the laws of nature or the laws of science. It defies everything we know to be true. Thus, it is not unreasonable to believe that there is a Creator. Particularly if one does have a grasp on the history of the Universe, mankind, faith and how it has evolved or devolved.

To me, “knowing” is not the beginning or the end of the story. Let’s not kid ourselves. Mankind is but a tiny particle of dust on a tiny particle of dust (known as earth) in the context of billions of years in a Universe that appears to be expanding. A Universe that we have no idea how it came to be.

“Logic is only the beginning of wisdom, not the end” ~Spock (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)