Jew Must Be Joking

Stamford Hill Jews celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim

First we offer prayers for Buddha’s family and the painful loss they have recently experienced.

The rabid media continues to churn the news without saying anything apart from Trump is “bad”. Shocking. On this episode the DTHH continues to point out the differences between how liberals process opposing ideas and how people on the right do the same. Both have equal amounts of venom and vitriol to spew. But the left always seems to culminate in violence, death threats and some form of fascism. This is fairly easy to catalogue. Which is good for us because we are morons.

Jews, death threats and fortune cookies provide fodder for the morons to dissect. And that’s just the first half hour. And these college kids today… what are they thinking? Good news, more winning, Mammals of Mass Destruction, Things That Are Just Not Right and more…

Episode 25