Hacks, Cracks & Hoes

Image Source – Gurl.com

Another Wikileaks dump with all kinds of accusations about the CIA hacking capabilities. Suspicions about the motivations or purposes of these types of hacking tools circulate. The morons give their take. And the women take yet another day off this year to protest. “A Day Without Women” – It is still unclear what the goal is to us at the DTHH. But keep in mind that we are proud morons. We discuss the idea of feminism and support it. Check this out – Freda. Freda is what true feminism looks like to us.

Also on the chopping block is science bringing us another invasive species to the US that may have unintended consequences or will they save us from stink bugs? More winning, awesome dogs, sappy stories and meat cakes. Give us your feedback!

Episode 27