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Is there such a thing as the backfire effect? The idea that if one is presented with factual information contrary to what they believe to be true, that they will retreat further into their falsehood. That the factual information actually codifies their ignorance. Of course the original study was done to show how conservatives are idiots. But Mr. PC has some questions. In fact, so do other scientists and researchers. As the two morons discuss this topic one of them practiced a form of backfire when discussing whether or not there is more evidence to either the Trump wiretap allegations or the idea that Trump was in collusion with Russia during the elections.

Most importantly. On this episode the Drive Time Happy Hour actually solves the health care crisis. It seems like every episode the morons are solving global issues. If only major think tanks, CEO’s and world leaders would listen to these guys.

Plenty of things that are just not right, booze stories and positive feminist stuff happening in India too.

Episode 34