Trump’s Wiretap Allegations

On our recent podcast Buddha and myself got caught up in a discussion about the so called ‘Backfire Effect’. If one is presented with factual information that counter’s their world view they will not only reject it but retreat deeper into their own ignorance. During the discussion Buddha asked me about the idea of Trump’s allegations of wiretapping. I retorted that there is more evidence that Trump and company were spied upon than there is evidence that Trump was in collusion with Putin during the elections. Of course he disagreed, we went back and forth. The truth of the matter is that the main stream media is plastering all over the place that Trump has no evidence. Thus, those that do not like Trump will readily parrot this. But it is not so cut and dry. There are still some people with integrity in the media asking questions. They are not mainstream media types. But still, if you are really paying attention you can find some relative balance to the one sided barrage you get from the “News”.

When liberals lap up the “News” I wonder if they are forgetting about what Edward Snowden revealed? I wonder if they are forgetting about the fact that Obama’s IRS was targeting people and organizations simply due to political ideology. I wonder if they are forgetting about the fact that Obama’s team was spying on our allies? How soon we all forget when we hear something that we “want” to believe. Here is a timeline of the evidence that Obama practiced all forms of spying on their political enemies.