About The Show

The Drive Time Happy Hour is a podcast. The original show started as The Radio Gypsies in late 2002 as an early morning Sunday remote broadcast featuring commentary from Chip Morris, Mr. PC and George on 97.3 WSKY originating in Gainesville Florida. The early morning show was a cult classic in North Central Florida. When the US invasion of Iraq began in May of 2013, Chip Morris and Mr. PC were asked to go live weekday afternoons on SKY radio by “The Visionary” program director Andrew Lee who decided to bring the discussion of the war to a live local audience from 3 to 6 pm. The show was a hit. Amassing 13 listeners the Drive Time Happy Hour grew to be an instant classic in a top 100 market in the United States. Chip and PC thrilled audiences as an on air team while they discussed politics, mammals of mass destruction, things that are just not right and a myriad of other topics to inform and amuse audiences stretching from lower Jacksonville to just north of Orlando and coast to coast. The show grew to become the number one show in North Central Florida with a seventeen percent market share in the Gainesville/Ocala market.

Mr. PC left the show in early 2011 to pursue other business interests. The show was cancelled a few years later.

Mr. PC (now known as The Admiral) is the owner of PC House Productions, Inc., Co-Owner of EasyPonix, LLC, Co-Founder of Culinary Combat, Vice President and Board Member of Ocala Outreach Foundation and Host of the refurbished Drive Time Happy Hour.

The show will bring back classic commentary from past producers, new voices in the crowd and just plain weirdos in the ever changing game of politics and the world beyond.

Please participate in the program by calling in live during broadcast, leaving feedback on our blog posts or contacting us with insightful and moronic commentary.

If a picture is worth a thousand words please ponder these images to help define the project known as the Drive Time Happy Hour.