Mr. PC

Howdy Morons, I’ve been involved in creative projects, philanthropy and business startups for most of my life. My first business was selling cookies in grade school for 25 cents a piece. I was buying them for 10 cents at Pic ‘N Save. Through the years there have been so many wonderful times and characters that I call friends. Truly, God has blessed me.

I love to cook gourmet food for my friends and family. Go out on the pontoon regularly (I’ve become a quasi southern red-neck river rat). Engage in insightful and productive political talk. Have as much fun as possible at any given time.

Hopefully this show can be a positive force for change. We will learn from each other and talk to one another instead of talking past one another.

Mr. PC, also known as:
The Admiral
Stone Cold Digital Pimp
Mo Bidniz
Captain Caliente

President and Executive Producer at PC House Productions, Co-Owner of EasyPonix, Vice President of local charity Ocala Outreach Foundation, Co-Founder of Culinary Combat, Creator and Producer of The Common Chef. Mr. PC is also starting a new host sauce brand called “Captain Caliente”.