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Welcome to Mr. PC’s blogspot. Mr. PC used to be a co-host on the popular radio show “The Drive Time Happy Hour”, but was found to be too much of a moron to continue. Now he is working on a TV program called The Common Chef and heavily involved in aquaponics in Florida. He now spends most of his time growing fresh fruits and vegetables and then cooking fantastic meals on his TV show. It is a show about 3 friends who travel to different locations and cook for whoever shows up to eat. He still has plenty of political commentary as well. Stop by to find out what is going on in the world of Mr. PC.

The Pope, Goats, Ancient Pyramids, Cane Toads and more….



By far one of the coolest discoveries in some time. Not only that, the way they found it could be even cooler. This is so cool that it could cure global warming!

The goats are taking a hit…..again.

Who knew that chicks were beating the fool out of each other in Ultimate Fighting. I wouldn’t want to get into fisticuffs with this babe.

The Popah (while wearing a pimped out hat and holding a solid gold staff) tells us about the ills of money, money, money……money!

So how do we get prostitutes off of the street? Offer them ‘good behavior’ rewards to purchase high fashion and furniture. However, Metje Blaak from Red Thread, the Dutch Prostitutes’ Union isn’t happy about it.

What’s for dinner?

I’ll be a judge at Marion County’s 27th Annual Chili Cook-Off this Saturday. Stop out and say howdy!

End of the world is coming….



Yesterday, on the show we were talking about how intelligent pigs really are and how they will eventually become our masters. But who knew that Llamas had so much going for them? If I were you, I’d be watching over my shoulder….for the llamas!

I would urge all dopers out there to not use the excuse to the cops that you were rolling a joint while running over signs and trees etc….

This one is for you poopy butt!

Mammals of Mass Destruction.

I’ve seen terrible children, I’ve read about terrible children but this little feller is most likely meant for some sort of serious mental health counseling or he’ll end up National Geographic show feeding baby piglets to big nasty creatures.

Genius is so rare amongst all of us average types that it becomes important for us all to take notes, learn and grow when we can.

A living goddess, topless muggers and plenty of balls



It’s about damn time we got a new “living goddess“. I have no idea how we survived all of this time without her.

Have you ever been ticked off over a cab fare? Enough to hit the cabbie in the head with a machete and then chop off his finger?

Is it a tragedy or a fantasy?

You gotta have some balls to eat like this.

If there were a conman of the Century award, this guy would win it.

It’s not the cutest picture you’re going to see, but it makes a statement.

I want this outfit for Halloween.

This dog pulls a cartoon move, but then real life has consequences….doesn’t it?

Schizophrenic Calmness



If anyone in the entire world is happy about this news, it has to be Michael Jackson!

Hey baby….you got some extra horny goat weed?

Here kitty, kitty. Meeeeowwww.

Who wouldn’t jump into the ocean and beat the fool out of a shark in order to save their precious little doggy face?

I have no idea how dolphins get fat with all that swimming they do. But, they do….they really do.

So, if you slash the tires of the annoying folks that park in front of your house, just knit them a sweater and all is forgiven.

People actually catch bullets in their mouth in real life. So the next time you see something like this in the movies, realize that it really could happen.

Do I give my 5 year old daughter chocolates, gummy bears or hot chillies to snack on?

What’s the one stock in the S&P 500 that actually rose yesterday? Bunker Dweller food….of course!

Big Trouble in Big America



It’s been long said that America is the only super power left in the world. There are those countries that would like to challenge such a thing. But how did it become such? How did America become the lone super power in the world? It’s all about the money. We are addicted to it. We love to make it, we love to spend it. We are the consumer nation. Our buying power has enriched the entire globe in one way or another. Not to mention the idea that we are the most generous nation….ever, as a result billions of dollars worth of aid both federal and private flowing to those in need. Due to this financial “crisis” we find ourselves in today, other nations are speaking up saying, ‘We need to base the global economy on another system’. Do we?

I understand why people are ticked off about the concept of a government bailout. We can play the blame game all day long. Obama wants to blame W and the conservatives want to blame Billy Boy along with lefties. I do believe the evidence shows that the lefties are highly culpable in the deal…however we (all of us) are in danger of not only losing America’s super power status in the world but the lives that we’ve grown accustomed to. Broadband, cable, flat screens, big screens, nice cars, cell phones, fine dining, robust food supply and so much more. We, as a nation, have built an economy based on credit. Like it or hate it that is how most folks operate. It allows people to make decisions on how they will spend their money and others decide to live beyond their means….some in the middle. In any case, major corporations do the same thing all the way down to the family owned business. We are a credit based society and just about all commerce depends on it. Not just here but globally. That is about to go away. As unfair as it seems to many of us, the sub-prime mortgage market has dried up liquidity and solvency of many banking institutions. This means that our financial instruments are about to grind to a halt. The trickle down effect will not be kind to Americans in this case. It’s always been kind going the other direction….look at how we live.

If large corporations cannot get credit, the car lots dry up, the boats, the rv’s, the electronics, the video games, the consumer goods market will begin to crumble. People will lose their jobs and America will find itself in a very painful place. It doesn’t mean that society is going to meltdown, it means that our lives will change drastically for many years to come. Let’s face it, if large corporations can’t get credit neither will small corporations or small businesses and thus neither will consumers.

The hard medicine is simply this. We need to invest in ourselves. We need to get behind a serious bailout effort and we need to do it now. WAMU Bank crashed because there was a run on it. 16.7 Billion dollars were pulled out in the last 10 days. As panic spreads, how many more times will this happen? You think it’s over? I understand that it is a very principled stand to say “NO” to the bailout. But I also understand that our economy has the potential to go nuclear. I’d rather see the rage toward the foreign aid packages that we give to other countries or toward entitlement packages. This is no time to block our tax dollars from saving our own way of life.

If America’s market does go up in flames….who takes the mantle of supremacy in the world? Do we truly want to risk it?